Breitcocla Breithaupt Cocla Clar Compass. Geological Stratum Compass, superior damping and accuracy, glass base for above head measurements.

Breithaupt top of the line geological compass, glass base, superior damping, with leather case. A must for structural or engineering geologists. German engineering assures long lasting quality and performance

Stratum compass COCLA
according to Prof. Dr. Clar; for geological,
geophysical, mining and tectonic measurements;
for measuring azimuth and angle of
dip in one single operation. Horizontal circle
of transparent plastic Ø 50 mm; graduation
running counterclockwise 1/1° (1/1g), numbering
10° (10g) each,; automatic arresting
system of the compass needle when the compass
is not in use, inclination weight, efficient
damping of the oscillations of the magnetic
needle due to eddy current damping,
reading within only approx. 3 seconds, magnetic
needle: the North end of the needle is
red and the South is black, length 50 mm,
international cardinal points (East and West
inverse); declination adjustment +/- 30° (+/-
30g); deep etched tracing edge graduated in
60 mm; vertical circle on cover hinge, graduation
5° (5g), estimation 1° (1g); diameter
25 mm, cover plate with friction adjustment
screw, transparent bottom and transparent
spherical level with turnable reading mirror
allow overhead measurements; dimensions
of closed compass 73x95x25 mm, weight:
260 grams.