Dip meter, contact gauge

Dip meter, contact gauge
CODE: CONTACT150 for eg.

OTT Water Level Meters are part of the standard equipment for the measurement of ground water levels.

These mobile units are characterized by their simple, fast and solid acquisition of water level. With a variety of models available, you have the  possibility to select the appropriate unit according to your individual requirements in cable length, operating convenience or with optional sensors for Temperature and Electrical Conductivity.

All OTT Water Meters are equipped with visual and acoustic signals and with an option of a bottom sensor to sound the depth of the drilling.

Our measuring units have been in operation all over the world since 1979 and are a renowned for their robustness and precision in harsh field conditions.


Special features

• Visual and acoustic signaling on water contact

• No disturbing parts or supports when winding

• Robust construction with low weight

• Ground sensor for depth sounding (optional accessory)

• Variable cable lengths from 5 to 1,000 meters

• Warranty: 24 months


Areas of application

• Water level measurements of electrically-conducting liquids in boreholes, wells and tanks

  (in ATEX- free zones only)

• Long-term observations for periodic level soundings

• Continuous water level registration during pumping tests

• Additional sounding of well depths using the bottom sensor accessory

Water depth monitor, available in range of brands, round or flat cable and a range of depths.